What Is SEO?

When you use Google (or the opposite search engine) to seem for a term, have you ever ever ever wondered how the websites within the primary search results page got there, when there are likely thousands of other participate websites which match your search term? Well, the answer thereto question is program Optimization (SEO). Those first a small number of websites had better SEO than their competitors. So, what’s SEO? Simply, it is a marketing strategy used to increase the ranking of an online site in search engines.

several of those websites receive the first search results page without much help from SEO because their brand names are sufficiently famous to urge them listed within the primary page. the other websites believe SEO to urge them to the first or second search results page. you’ll wonder why SEO is so important. Well, users rarely transcend the first few search result pages when finding out a term. Can you remember when was the last time you clicked on the 15th search results page?  Read more…